Office Hours: 7:30am - 3:30pm M-F
P.O. Box 580, Tioga, LA 71477-0580
1306 Third Street, Pineville, LA 71360
1306 Third Street, Pineville, LA 71360
P.O. Box 580, Tioga, LA 71477-0580
Office Hours: 7:30am - 3:30pm M-F

Water Works District No. 3


General Info

  • 31 Mar
    Good Friday Holiday

    Our office will be closed Friday, April 2nd for the Good Friday Holiday. If you have an emergency, please dial 484-3115. We will reopen Monday, April 5th at 7:30 am.

  • 10 Mar
    Phones and internet

    We are experiencing trouble with our phones and internet. We are trying to determine the issue. Please be patient.

  • 24 Feb
    UPDATE 9:15 am


  • 23 Feb
    UPDATE 7:00 am

    System wide boil advisory still in effect.

  • 22 Feb
    UPDATE 8:00 am

    System pressure is looking stable this morning. District crews will begin flushing today in hopes to pull bacteriological samples and turn them in to DHH by mid week. Once the samples reach DHH, results can take 24-48 hours to come back. Boil advisory in effect until further notice.

  • 21 Feb
    UPDATE 8:00 am

    Everyone should have more water today. The system is still not 100% stable, but it is getting better every day. Please continue to report any leaks to 318-484-3115. Getting the leaks under control is what is making the difference. We know that everyone is longing for normal, so you may slowly return to doing laundry and showers, etc. But please refrain from unnecessary things like washing cars or driveways. We will be under a boil advisory for a few more days as we still have to flush all of the air out of the entire system to ensure proper chlorine residual throughout. Thank you all for your help.

  • 20 Feb
    UPDATE 11:00 am

    Hopefully everyone has some water this morning. The system is still very unstable as we are not able to build up significant pressure. Temperatures are now above freezing so we are asking our customers to please stop running faucets, walk outside and check your lines for leaks. Turn the water off and repair the leaks. Check your neighbor's lines if they are elderly. If you need help turning off your water or need to report a leak, call 318-484-3115. We are needing your help to stabilize the system. Our crews are also out re-checking our main water lines. Please understand that when the system is unstable, it effects everyone, including our fire department's ability to fight fires should they occur. Thank you for your cooperation.

  • 19 Feb
    UPDATE 4:00 pm

    We have some pressure back on the system. We are still asking you to conserve and stop running your faucets. Continue to call with leaks that you see when you are out. We are trying to stabilize the system and need your help so we don't lose water again. Boil advisory still in effect until further notice.

  • 19 Feb

    We will be attempting to increase pressure on the distribution system today. Please continue to call with any leaks. 318-484-3115. Also, turn off all running faucets to help decrease the demand on the system. We are still under boil advisory until further notice.

  • 18 Feb
    Office closure

    Our office will be closed on Friday, February 19th because we have no internet nor phones.

  • 18 Feb
    Water Outage Update

    Water Works District No. 3 in Tioga is out attempting to shut off leaks. We are asking our customers to please report any and all leaks to (318) 484-3115, and if possible turn your water off at the meter. The answering service is overwhelmed with calls, so if it's busy, call back. We are also asking that if you have water to please conserve. We are working to get the system re-pressurized in the coming days and need your help to make this happen. We are still under a boil advisory until further notice.

  • 21 Dec
    Holiday Closures

    Water Works District No. 3 will be closed December 24 and December 25 for the Christmas Holiday. Also, December 31 and January 1 for New Year's. Our emergency number is 640-6644. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

  • 25 Nov
    Thanksgiving Holiday

    Water Works District No. 3 will be closed Thursday and Friday, November 26 & 27 for the Holiday. Emergency number is 318-640-6644.

  • 06 Nov
    Veteran's Day Holiday

    Our office will be closed Wednesday, November 11th for the Veteran's Day Holiday.

  • 09 Oct
    Office Closure

    Water Works Office will be closing at noon on October 9th in anticipation of Hurricane Delta. We should reopen Monday, October 12th.

  • 08 Sep
    Boil Advisory

    Boil Advisory for Water Works District #3 has been lifted.

  • 31 Aug
    Boil Advisory

    Water Works District 3 is currently under a boil advisory until further notice. Please see FAQ page for how to respond to a boil advisory.

  • 26 Aug
    Office Closure

    Our office will be closed Thursday August 27th due to severe weather threat. We will reopen on Friday August 28th if possible.

  • 31 Mar

    Water Well - 8215 Highway 71 Read more

  • 23 Mar

    Until further notice, our main walk-in lobby will be closed. All transactions will be conducted through the drive through window, or payments can be left in our night drop.

  • 04 Feb
    2020 Water Rate Increase

    Water Rate Increase - 2020 Read more

  • 30 Jan
    Sexual Harassment Policy

    Act 270 State Civil Service requirement Read more

  • 19 Dec
    Water Treatment Change Coming

    Water Works District No. 3 will be temporarily changing its type of disinfection process. Read more

  • 12 Nov

    There will be a public hearing at the Water Works District 3 main office at 1306 Third Street in Tioga on November 26, 2019 at 9:30 a.m. for the consideration of a rate increase.

  • 01 Oct
    ReConnection Rate Increase

    Beginning October 1st, reconnection fees will increase from $25 to $35 during normal business hours. After hours rates will increase depending on the time.

  • 29 Jul
    Office Closing

    Our office will be closing at noon on Thursday, August 8th for a computer upgrade. We will reopen Friday, August 9th at 7:30 am.

  • 14 Sep
    Water Treatment Change

    Water Works District No. 3 is making a temporary change in the type of disinfectant used in the water supply. Read more

  • 21 Aug
    New Emergency Phone Number

    We have changed our after hours emergency number. Please note the new number:
    640-6644. This will reach our answering service and be forwarded to our personnel on call.

  • 01 Jun
    Water Rate Increase

    New water rates became effective 6/1/2017 Read more

Did You Know?
  • Fight Fraud, Waste & Abuse
  • You can check your home for hidden leaks.  Simply turn off all taps and water-using appliances. Check your meter. Then, after 15 minutes check it again.  If it has moved, you have a leak.
  • Automatic dishwashers use 15 gallons for each cycle, regardless of how many dishes are loaded.  Always run a full load in your dishwasher.
  • Even a slow leak or dripping faucet can waste 15-20 gallons of water per day.  If you get it fixed, you’ll save up to 6,000+ gallons per year.
  • We provide toilet tablets to check for leaks in your toilet.  Add a couple of these tablets to the tank of your toilet.  Wait a few minutes to see if the color shows up in the bowl.  If it does, your toilet is leaking, and could result in an additional 100 gallons of water flowing through your toilet each day.
Learn more about your water bill
  • 1.
    How do I respond to a BOIL ADVISORY?

    If we experience a leak in our system that results in a loss of water pressure, our water may be of questionable microbiological quality. and you may be placed under a BOIL ADVISORY.  It is recommended that all consumers disinfect their water before consuming it (including fountain drinks), making ice, brushing teeth, or using it for food preparation or rinsing foods by the following means:
           Boil water for one (1) full minute in a clean container.  The one minute starts after the water has been brought to a rolling boil.  (The flat taste can be eliminated by shaking the water in a clean bottle or pouring it from one clean container to another, or by adding a pinch of salt to each quart of water that is boiled.)

    Upon notification from the Office of Public Health's State Regional Laboratory that the samples collected from our water supply have been found to be safe, the advisory will be rescinded and you will be notified that the water has been found to be safe.

  • 2.
    How is my water meter read?

    Water Works District No. 3 reads the majority of its meters electronically through radio frequency technology.  This technology allows us to collect the reading while simply driving down your street, eliminating the need to stop, get out, and open each meter box.  The result is greater accuracy of the reading and more meters can be read in less time.

  • 3.
    Where does my water come from?

    Water Works District No. 3 distributes water from seven groundwater wells and a surface water structure on Big Creek, near Pollock, Louisiana.

  • 4.
    How much water should I expect to use per day?

    American families use 183 gallons of water per day, on average, for cooking, washing, flushing, and watering purposes. The average family turns on the tap between 70-100 times daily.  About 74% of home water usage occurs in the bathroom, about 21% in the laundry room, and the other 5% in the kitchen.

  • 5.
    Is it okay to use hot water from the tap for cooking and drinking?

    No!  ALWAYS use cold water.  Hot water is more likely to contain rust, copper, and lead from household plumbing and water heaters.  These harmful substances can dissolve into hot water faster than they do into cold water, especially when the faucet has not been used for an extended period of time.

  • 6.
    Why do water pipes tend to break in winter?

    Liquids generally contract when frozen and become more dense; however, the unique qualities of water cause it to expand by up to 9% when it freezes.  That is why water pipes burst when temperatures reach the freezing mark.